Saba Med Spa’s microneedling procedure is clinically proven to improve and revamp the appearance of fine lines, pores, acne scarring, surgical scars, smoker’s and/or straw lines, create collagen and the list goes on.

It is also known as the Collagen Induction Therapy, which is a minimally invasive treatment that greatly helps rejuvenation and regeneration of your skin with minimal to little downtime.


Microneedling is a very simple process. As the tiny needles enter the skin it stimulates a wound healing process. First, the microneedling stimulates inflammation. What does inflammation do? It starts by increasing blood flow and circulation while cleaning out debris to create new skin tissue. The micro-channels are then rebuilt with new cells made up of collagen proteins and a new supply of blood vessels. As the tiny channels heal, they are replaced with brand new tissue made of collagen and elastin proteins.

Our skin is our largest organ. In adults it makes up nearly 22 square meters of real estate on our body. It is mostly made up of protein, water, fats, and minerals. When we say it time to start investing in real estate, we might be talking about our skin.


Typically no. We have heard some of you state otherwise. It really just depends on how long you leave your numbing cream on. If you are unable to tolerate pain, then we can leave in on a little longer than 30 minutes and you shouldn’t feel a thing.


During your microneedling treatment, we use hyaluronic acid to glide the tiny needles. The hyaluronic acts as a “slip” to glide the pen across your face. Did you know that hyaluronic acid holds 1000 times it’s weight in water? It does. So as we glide the pen, the microscopic holes are engulfed with hyaluronic acid. As a result, your face is plump, glowing and hydrated. Our skin’s function is to act as a barrier to our organs inside. This translates to; it is hard to get products to penetrate the skin. When receiving a microneedling treatment, the micro-channels act as little portals to deliver hydration deeper into the skin. We like to add a decent amount of vitamin c post treatment. The channels are a great way to get added nutrients into the skin. Vitamin C can help to lighten, brighten, and provide antioxidants to the skin which can cancel out free radical damage.

If you haven’t head of the term The Vampire Facial ® we offer that at Saba Med Spa. Trademarked by Charles Runels, MD, is the best way to spruce up your skin. Instead of using hyaluronic acid, we use Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP as our slip. PRP is the liquid portion of whole blood. It is comprised of mostly of water, protein, and nutrients and is responsible for healing within your body. When placed on the skin with a microneedling treatment, your healing goes into warp speed and releases your body’s own growth factors which have been proven to increase the number of reparative cells. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to get the most out of your microneedling treatments.


Exosomes can also be used but do create more of a cost situation for most people. Exosomes are brand-new, baby stem cells that can be used in combination with microneedling. Instead of hyaluronic acid or PRP, we use exosomes. These tiny little molecules contain about three times the amount of growth factors as regular adult stem cells. The cells have an abundance of cholesterol, ceramides, nucleic acides, that when introduced to your newly created micro-channels can be engulfed by neighboring cells which may not be doing so hot due to aging. As a result, the neighboring cells can merge with the exosomes to become even younger skin.